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Ian Laird, Matt Davidson & Claire Williams

Welcome to Optimum Health Coaching

We offer Personal Training & Sports Massage in Chester City Centre. We like to put the personal into Personal Training making the whole experience centred around you and your goals. 

Our goal is to be the premier place in Chester for people to go to for Personal Training and Sports Massage.

At Optimum Health Coaching it is our goal to get you results! Ever wondered why some people get results on one program and somebody else on the same program doesn't? It is because we are all individuals and our individual biochemistry is unique. We are made up of many different systems and disfunction in one system will impact on all of the rest.

At Optimum Health Coaching we treat you as an individual, assess your goals and assess your current physical and lifestyle and work out which areas are not congruent with your goal. From this we build a whole body approach creating a program that strengthens your weaknesses and gives you the health to achieve your wildest dreams. We then create a roadmap to help you get there in the most fun way possible.


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In store at "Up & Running", 29 Bridge street, Chester, CH1 1NW

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