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Ian Laird, Matt Davidson & Claire Williams

Are you fed up with your weight or body shape, feeling tired and generally unfit?

Would you like to feel toned, healthy, confident and have more energy?

Want to lose weight and get fit without starving yourself or working out everyday?

My name is Claire Brown and I am an Exercise & Holistic Lifestyle Coach specialising in helping people achieve body transformation results in a healthy way. I have been where you are today and I have lost weight, kept it off, and now feel healthier than ever.

I did this by eating real food (not going hungry) and an achievable exercise program.

Our 'Get Fit and Healthy' consultation will teach you:

  • Why starvation diets do not work in the long term 
  • Why different diets work for different people 
  • How to balance your bodies energy levels so you become a fat burning machine
  • The best way to exercise to speed up the process (and it doesn’t take hours in the gym) 
  • What to do to really take control and transform your body


spaces limited to 5 people per month. To claim one text 'consult' followed by your name to 07834 315 052

Success Stories

Before we started working together I had pain in my hip from over running. I was worried before the session that I would be told I couldn’t run.

The session went really well and was very helpful I learnt that I could improve my posture and needed to work on strengthening and do more stretches. Which would make me a faster more efficient runner.

I would really recommend the session with Claire and have done so to my friends at my running club.

Julie Lewis